Molex Premise Networks is a division of Molex Incorporated, the world’s second largest manufacturer of interconnection products with annual revenues of $3+ billion. Totally committed to meeting individual customer needs and anticipating new technology, the company has reinvested over $1 billion in research at its 25 new development centers. Through 59 manufacturing facilities, 34 regional sales offices and thousands of distributor outlets across 6 continents, Molex continually demonstrates its ability to address customer requirements. Resourced with 33,000 highly skilled contributors focused on the design, development and supply of technology based solutions Molex drives global innovation.

 Similarly, through significant re-investment, Molex Premise Networks has emerged as the thought leader and premier provider of revolutionary new and comprehensive network technologies focused on Advanced Physical Layer Lifecycle Management (APLLM). Through our new disruptive technologies, Molex eclipses traditional industry boundaries and leads with solutions delivering unprecedented productivity gains, process enhancements and incremental value never imagined afforded to infrastructure stakeholders in their deployment and management processes. Using a combination of software, electronics and traditional data transport solutions, APPLM allows customers to track and manage their infrastructure investment from planning through design, procurement, installation, daily management of moves, adds and changes (MACS), and the eventual upgrade of that infrastructure including attached assets, thereby spanning its entire lifecycle.